Zouya X51 RGB Gaming keyboard Review

New low cost brands are starting to pop up in the tech market, most of them come from the east and they largely spread through the colossal oriental online selling companies.
One of them is Zuoya, that steps in the market with peripherals and mouse pads.

We receive a ton of questions everyday regarding these low cost options, so today’s question is: is a 40$ mechanical worth your money (and time to wait for the shipping)?


Zouya X51 Keyboard is a 87 keys low cost RGB mechanical keyboard that features a standard industrial design without unnecessary cosmetics. At the top edge it shows a chrome line that divides the top surface from the bottom and adds also a little bit of contrast. The top is made of a thin sheet of aluminum while the back is ABS plastic. The keyboard doesn’t weight much, only 630g, but the aluminum top makes it sturdy enough and it doesn’t bend even with high force applied.
The light weight by the way can be viewed as a pro if you bring it at work or with your laptop, but if you’re using It at home that’s a small con for sure.
The construction is not out of line with the price point and makes the mechanical experience affordable to more people.

On the bottom there are also two flip out feet and multiple anti slipping pads.
The keyboard has a sleeved USB cable and thick rubber anti kink supports at the end of each end.

The keycaps are made of PC+ABS with a double injection method which give them durability, anti-scratch properties, and they’re also easy to remove and clean thanks to the standard key mount.
The keycap remover is also included in the package.


Zouya X51 Mechanical Keyboard features Jixian switches that are pretty much one of the numerous Cherry Mx copies. The keyboard is available with Blue, Black and Red switches. The model we’re reviewing is packed with Jixian Blue Switches. They are clicky switches that feature, as the name says, a pronounced click sound when activated. Other parameters and characteristics: 60g operating force, 2.0mm travel.

If you want to read more about Jixian Switches: http://jxswitch.com/product.php


Zouya X51 Keyboard has an internal regulated Animated RGB lighting. The RGB functionalities can be set only on the keyboard itself with the FN+F9, FN+Up, Fn+Down. It hasn’t a dedicated software.
Speaking of the light itself it comes from the PCB under the switches assembly, the available customization options are pretty average: there are 14 different lighting modes and the user has complete control over the lighting and color with a 5-level brightness control.


My testing routine consists in a full day of keyboard use through gaming, writing and also designing applications.
Speaking of gaming I’ve not encountered any issues but if you only game with your PC, blue switches are not for you. For this type of application, red and black switches are more indicated. Writing on the Zouya X51 was good. The Jixian Blue were a bit softer and quieter than the original Cherry Mx Switches I usually use. The key did wobble a little bit too much, but considering the price that wasn’t a major issue.

Other than that typing on the X51 was an enjoyable experience.


At 44$ shipping included the Zouya X5 is a good keyboard to start with the mechanical keyboard experience. It’s an expensive Cherry Mx loaded mechanical keyboard but it’s not expensive, it does respect the product description, it has little CONS like the light weight, but that’s not a deal breaker. I’d just lower the price to 35$ considering that at 45$ you can also choose the Royal Kludge G87 that has also Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

If you’re interested in buying the Zouya X51 RGB Gaming keyboard:

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