That’s why you might need an external SSD – HyperX Savage EXO External SSD

If you’re working on the GO or you just need a detachable drive to store your important files you’d surely noticed that portable SSDs have entered the market for quite a while now. If you’re in need for an external drive, on the market there are different options to choose. The most common and convenientContinue reading “That’s why you might need an external SSD – HyperX Savage EXO External SSD”

Zouya X51 RGB Gaming keyboard Review

ZUOYA X51 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard : 10% off code : BGTOMEX 0.01 lucky draw : Banggood Coupon : We receive a ton of questions everyday regarding these low cost options, so today’s question is: is a 40$ mechanical worth your money (and time to wait for the shipping)? DESIGN AND STRUCTURE Zouya X51Continue reading “Zouya X51 RGB Gaming keyboard Review”

Riotoro Ghostwriter Elite keyboard Review

If you spend most of your day typing or coding, a mechanical keyboard is a worthwhile upgrade over a cheaper, less comfortable keyboard.Their new Ghostwriter Elite is a mechanical keyboard featuring the well-known Cherry switches an included magnetic palm rest, media keys full software control, RGB lighting of course and a handy USB pass-through. DESIGNContinue reading “Riotoro Ghostwriter Elite keyboard Review”


A very interesting point of discussion speaking of PC and hardware is Laptops Ram upgrades.Sometimes the stock 8Gb configuration in most low and mid range laptops is not enough for your everyday gaming/working needs. HyperX knows it well and covers you up with the Impact lineup of SODIMM memory kits. They are available in speedsContinue reading “HyperX IMPACT DDR4 SODIMM 2400Mhz CL14”

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair

The top area is filled with a considerable amount of foam, so regarding the user’s height, the chair can be used both with and without the neck cushion. The S300EX is entirely covered in PU leather that perfectly resemble real leather in texture and feeling at touch. This design gives the whole chair a sportyContinue reading “Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair”