Sahara C500B Case Review

Tempered Glass panels, they are packed with RGBs, they’re on desk tops nowadays, not on the floor anymore so they require good design choices and also functionality. We’re talking about PC cases and in particular we’re taking a look at the Sahara C500B Case.
The Sahara C500B case is a 3 tempered glasses gaming case that features a sleek industrial design and sharp squared lines. The case supports ATX, Micro-ATX and ITX motherboard and it’s available in 4 variants:

  • C500B = no fan and no fan hub £59.99 MSRP incl. VAT
  • C500B-DS = 4 x 12cm Pirate Duo Rings & SYNC fan hub £79.99 MSRP incl. VAT
  • C500B-SS = 3 x 14cm Typhoon & SYNC Fan hub £79.99 MSRP incl. VAT
  • C500B-TS = 4 x 12cm Pirate Turbo & SYNC Fan hub £79.99 MSRP incl. VAT
  • C500B-PS = 2 x 20cm Tornado Fans & SYNC Fan hub £79.99 MSRP incl. VAT


The case has 3 tempered glass panels that completely surround the steel structure. They are slightly tinted but don’t worry, RGB lighting will shine with no issues. The main glass panel has a very interesting removing mechanism which uses a knob to pull the glass structure after removing the standard two thumb screws. Only the main side glass has this mechanism while the back glass panel has only the two thumbscrews. The two side glass panels rely on a fixed rail mechanism that has to be fixed in place before putting the screws like pretty much every case on the market. By the way speaking of the C500B it’s a little bit tricky to engage these rails due to the front glass panel design, that’s spaced from the rest.
We actually enjoyed quite a lot the front structure. It’s minimal, it’s different and it looks great with rgb fans. Despite its great look the front has an issue: there are no dust filters in this area and the space is fully opened. Now if you’re like us and you clean your PC once a week that’s not a big issue (it’s actually a cool factor because the RGB lighting and fans are shown way better like this), otherwise you’ll have to clean your pc more times than front filtered cases.

Speaking of filters on the top there’s a magnetic one that simply snaps into place, while on the bottom there’s a simple sliding one in the power supply area.
The case supports in the front up to 360mm radiators, 3x 120mm fans, 2x 140mm fans and 2x 200mm while on top 2x 120mm or 2x 140 fan. Finally on the back there’s support for a 120mm or 140mm fan/radiator.

The Sahara C500B features pretty big spaces on the inside, even measuring only 400x 215x 465mm. There’s support for GPU up to 360mm long as well CPU coolers up to 180mm high. On the rear there are 7 PCI-E card slots which we can access removing the rear PCI-E slot cover. Sadly the PCI-E covers are the old twist and break ones, if you remove the wrong ones installing your GPU you’ll be stuck with an open PCI-E slot on the back.

The Sahara C500B has a semi opened PSU cover that’s also perforated on top to enhance air flow in the hard drive/ PSU area and to route cables through. The PSU cover is opened on the left just to show the PSU brand and model. There’s also a big radiator cutout on the right that make space for a 360 radiator and fans combo.

The motherboard tray is well designed with a big access cutout in the CPU area, and cable routing holes on top and on the side of the motherboard area. No cable grommets are included, but the cable management system is well organized.


Speaking of cable management, on the back there’s a lot of space and multiple anchor points to attach cable ties. On the left there’s a recessed canal to route cables, in particular the beefy 24 pin motherboard cable. Regarding the storage we can place up to two 3.5″ drives in the removable HDD cage in the bottom and there’s also a single 2.5″ drive mount on the back of the motherboard tray.
The PSU area support PSU up to 170m in length.


The case accessories are pretty poor. They come in a small white box with the motherboard, HDD and radiator screws, a few cable ties and nothing else.


The bottom features a built in feet with 4 rubber pads to prevent sliding, a power supply fan filter and the two screws to remove the HDD cage.


The front IO is located in the front top of the case. They are from the left the power button followed by HDD and power LEDs, a reset button, an LED button for hooking up to the RGB controller, microphone and headphone jacks, two USB 2.0 connectors and a single USB 3.0 connector.


Now, Sahara provided two fan combinations for this case along with a fan controller to set and power everything.

The Pirate Duo Rings 120mm fans feature as the name says two ARGB lighted Rings on the front and the back of the fan. The illumination is quite nice and It’s way better that how it’s advertised to be on the package. The rotating blades are made of black translucent plastic that reflect also a bit of the RGB lighting. The fan is not extremely loud, average I’d say speaking of noise. (FOLLOWING TESTS WILL BE MORE ACCURATE). The motor features Hydro bearing and gives the fan a 1300RPM Max Speed.

The Typhoon 140mm fans are pretty similar to the Pirate Duo: they have the same style, design, 6 pin connector and motor. The only different characteristics are the single RGB ring, the dimensions of course, the satin translucent white plastic blades and the Max Speed of 1500RPM.
Both of the fans features 16.8 True RGB Color.

Speaking of RGB the controller is quite barebones, but it has a remote, dedicated onboard buttons, it can be linked to your motherboard RGB software and can be connected up to 10 fans.


The Sahara C500B is a 3 tempered glass small mid tower case that feature interesting solutions like the cable managing canals, the nice front panel design and also nice overall proportions for in a low/mid price range.
The case has a few CONS like the lack of a front filter, the cheap back PCI-E but it does do what it’s marketed for. Fans and controller are just average. They work and they look great, they’re not extremely loud and they are convenient for a 20£ price increase. Regarding the case, I think the price is right for a 3 tempered glass case with a sober design and a lot of building possibilities like this one, but for 10£ less it would have been a product to be bought with your eyes closed.
Reviewing all our consideration about it, the Sahara C500B it’s a very nice little mid tower case, no doubt we enjoyed it!

If you’re interested in buying the Sahara C500B Gaming Case:

Sahara Gaming website:

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