Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair

A trusty chair is essential to be comfortable and enhance productivity in your office or gaming room.

If you’re looking into buying a new gaming chair and you do care also about design, today’s gaming chair might be for you. The Nitro Concepts S300 EX is a medium budget gaming chair that features numerous commodities and a great quality considering its price. It is comfortable, it looks good with the PU leather full covering and It’s also good for long days use thanks to the open-pored cold foam upholstery and to its integrated H.E.A.T. system.


Design is subjective but we’re sure the S300 will please everyone. The racing inspired seat opens on the sides with two contoured curved edges that keep the user in the right upright posture for long time use.

The chair has a 135kg (297.62 lbs) weight capacity and can be used by even by the tallest among the users: the chair’s backrest is 87 cm (34.25″) tall, 53 cm (20.86″) wide at the shoulder level, and 56 cm (22.05″) wide at the pelvis area. The full height is 128–140 cm (50.39-55.11″).
The cut-out in the top area is also shaped like a sport car’ seat and it can be used to apply the neck support cushion.

The top area is filled with a considerable amount of foam, so regarding the user’s height, the chair can be used both with and without the neck cushion.

The S300EX is entirely covered in PU leather that perfectly resemble real leather in texture and feeling at touch. This design gives the whole chair a sporty vibe. It’s perfect for a gaming room but it can be also placed in a modern office and if you’re a German company you’ll be happy to know that this chair is certified with a DIN EN 1335 German office chair certification. It’s certainly a pro for this product due to the fact that not many “gaming” chairs obtain this certification.


The S300EX is full of adjustability options; they’re completely tool free and easy to operate. You can adjust the overall chair height, the backrest can be tilted from 90° to 135° but the armrests are the cherry on top. They move up and down, forward and backwards, and turn sideways. Changes in height can be operated through a button on both the armrests. Other settings can be operated simply by sliding or twisting the top piece. The armrests are 25.5 cm (10.04″) deep and 9.5 cm (3.74″) wide, they’re not extremely big but that’s not an issue thanks to all the adjustability options available.

The chair comes also with a rocking mechanism with up to a 14° angle, and its tension can be adjusted via a knob that turns clockwise under the seat’s base.


The S300 EX come with two cushions made out of fabrics that applies on to the chair with straps. We have personally found the neck one quite comfortable while the one made for the lumbar area was a little difficult to set in place and I find the chair more comfortable without using it.

Additionally, a set of memory foam cushions is available at Nitro Concepts for €49.90


The Nitro Concepts S300EX Series retails for $299.99 in the United States and €269.90 in the EU (excluding VAT), while the Nitro Concepts S300 with the fabric cover retails for $240 in the United States and €250 in the EU (excluding VAT).

Compared to similar product on this price range the S300 EX offers a lot: great quality and materials, lots of adjustability options, an overall premium feeling along with nice design choices and a pleasing racing look.

We used the chair for a few days in or office and we experienced some very comfy working hours. The chair was very comfortable and the PU leather was breathable and soft. The padding material did not change it shape after a long day of use even without pauses.

There is only one small minor negative for to cover: the first days the lift system cover stayed closed most of the times, but that seems an issue that involved only my unit and it solved in a few days times with normal use.

The S300 EX comes in four classy color schemes: Radiant White, Stealth Black, Carbon Black, and Inferno Red.

If you’re interested in buying the NITRO CONCEPTS S300 EX:

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