Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair

The top area is filled with a considerable amount of foam, so regarding the user’s height, the chair can be used both with and without the neck cushion. The S300EX is entirely covered in PU leather that perfectly resemble real leather in texture and feeling at touch. This design gives the whole chair a sportyContinue reading “Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair”

5 More Watercooling Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

AIO ARE SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER THAN AIR COOLERS You are switching your good trusty air cooler with your recently bought AIO, you install it, start the system, open AIDA64 and start a stress test. 21-21 ⁰C on idle and 45-50 ⁰C on stress. Maybe 20 30 degrees of improvement. That’s NOT true. As I said before,Continue reading “5 More Watercooling Myths You Shouldn’t Believe”

5 Watercooling Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

WATERCOOLING WITH LARGER RESERVOIRS GIVES YOU LOWER TEMPERATURES Many people think that adding a great mas of water in theyr loop will decrease the overall temperatures. They assemble a Pc with a custom loop and usually start AIDA64 in order to stress for a bit the entire system: ten to fifteen minutes and the workContinue reading “5 Watercooling Myths You Shouldn’t Believe”