Fourze D1400-E Motorized Gaming Desk Review

When it comes to setups and gaming rooms, a good desk is always important to stay comfortable and organize your beloved hardware. Even if you’re not gaming, having a good desk that fits your needs can be game-changing for your daily routine. When choosing a desk, space and overall dimensions are not the only factors to pay attention to.

If you spend most of the day in front of your PC for working or gaming you have to pay attention to ergonomics.
During the last years ergonomics has been largely developed and more and more companies have started to pay more attention to posture, sitting time and the effects of full day office working on health.

Motorized desks have been designed for this reasons. Staying constantly in one position without moving is bad for your muscles, circulatory system and it affects also your productivity. But this technology comes at a pretty high price. That’s what I thought as everyone since I saw the Fourze D1400-E motorized gaming desk. Seeing what the competitor offer it’s hard to believe, but Fourze manages to offer a motorized desk maintaining a respectable quality and costs low.


The desk comes in two boxes: one for the main structure and one for the desk surface. The various components are well packed and empty spaces in the box are filled with a very nice kind of foam to ensure maximum protection during shipping. In the box are included a wrench and a screw driver so you can assemble everything without other tools that the user may not have. The screws used for the threaded steel are M5 only, that’s pretty convenient and user friendly.

The assembly process went straight forward, if you follow the manual everything should go as planned.

We only recommend you to pay attention to the direction of the top board: if you put it too centered as you’d be tented to do, inappropriate holes could be aligned with the structure at a first glance. I did the same error at first and I had to remove a few screws and fix my mistake moving the board closer and placing again the screws.

At the end of the assembly you’ll get a few spare screws, don’t worry, there are more screws than needed. When laying the massive mouse pad on the surface we advise to remove the plastic cable pass through and clamp the mouse mat between the top part and the desk for better aesthetic and to prevent it from sliding. That’s not mentioned on the manual but we think (as it’s shown in the product pictures) that’s the way the company meant to deal with the mouse mat.


Speaking of the design, the desk has that gamery vibe with 45° cuts on the sides, an extension on the monitor area that provide even more usable surface, pass through holes for cables that can be closed if needed, and the Fourze logo on the left upper side. The legs have also the Fourze logo printed on and we’d say that we were quite happy about it since it gives the desk personality and style. Of course that’s personal taste and the final verdict has to be given by the buyer. Even with all these details the desk fits very well in an office or a working environment.

Cost saving solutions have been applied to the product regarding the design, in particular on the desk surface.

The wooden top surface piece is made by two specular boards that become one when screwed into place on the main structure.

These two boards are made of 2 cm thick chipboard wrapped in carbon to provide strength and to make the product more aesthetically pleasing. The mouse mat that lays on the desk’ surface covers the joining in the middle and makes the desk both liquid and scratch proof.
The legs are made of steel and there’s a single motor embedded in each one.

The two motors connects to the control unit that’s placed under the desk and the cables can be tightly organized with the included zip ties.

Under the desk there are also the power plant and cable holder, drink and headphones holders. The drink holder is made of plastic and can be attached to the desk with 4 screws. We decided to remove it as it extends quite a bit out of the desk surfaced and can be hit accidentally during cleaning or walking around.


The desk has a usable surface of 140cm X 66cm. That’s pretty big considering that most Ikea’s boards are 20cm on length and 6cm on height shorter and they’re made of cheaper materials. (Most of Ikea’s low cost furniture is made of thin wood on the outside and hard cardboard on the inside placed to form a hexagon structure, to give the products enough stiffness).

As we mentioned earlier the surface is covered entirely by a mouse pad that do not absorb water, protect the board and cover the joint in the middle.

Now on the most exciting through all features and maybe the reason why you’re interested in this product: the electrically adjustable height: The desk can be regulated in height with the touch of a button. The minimum height from the ground is 74 cm and can be raised up to 123 cm. The desk becomes wobbly and unstable if you raise the surface further than 110 cm but I’ll use it at more than 100 cm. In that range I’ve found it pretty stable and usable on a daily base.

The desk is also equipped with a min/max memory system that the used can set to his liking.

Check the manual to learn how to use the system an all the combinations available:


We used the desk for one month every day after setting up everything and we also used it as our daily bench for assembling a few of our PCs and we can say that if you’re used to a fixed it’s a game changing experience. Our usual working routine can be summed in most of the day working at the desk. Just doing half standing and half sit on our chair made our everyday routine less stressful. We also noticed a bump in productivity during the standing sessions.

After every day of work back and shoulders were also less stressed as the desk as the desk was perfectly placed in the most natural position.

We found the surface also pretty strong ad scratch resistant as after our multiple PC assembly sessions it was looking like new.


At around 320 – 330 Euros the Fourze D1400-E Motorized Gaming Desk would be an amazing buy if you’re into motorized gaming desks. It offers an amazing value to price ratio with a few cost cutting measures that do not impact on the final product overall shape and use. There are lots of better options on the market but that’s not the point here: if you’re looking to buy a motorized desk without spending a fortune and you’re in Europe, this is the perfect option for you. I didn’t find any big cons on the product. The only thing I would have done differently is the manual to made it more clear and intuitive.

But other than that, the Fourze D1400-E Motorized Gaming Desk is a great product and offers great value for the price.

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