Sharkoon Elbrus 3 Gaming Chair

As PC gamers we’re always so focused in getting the best possible experience when we’re playing our games.
But despite all the time and attention spent in acquiring the best gear, one simple but important component is often overlooked: the chair.

This week we’re talking about the Sharkoon Elbrus 3 Gaming chair. I’ve been testing this chair for about one month now and little spoiler: I enjoyed it a lot. The Sharkoon Elbrus 3 is a medium budget gaming chair but considering its price it features a big pack of features that will please your daily experience not only in gaming but also during work.


Design-wise the chair respects the standards we are getting used to for gaming chair now in the market: a racing inspired seat, a black base and colored details on the seat and the back.

The chair has a 150 kg (330,693 lbs) weight capacity and can be used by the tallest users: the chair’s backrest is 86,5 cm tall, 54 cm wide at the shoulder level, and 54 cm wide at the pelvis area. The full height when the piston is lifted is 138cm.
The cut-out in the top area is shaped like a sport car’ but if you’re using to place the neck cushion in place that’s a little bit too low. Considering this the cushion has to be placed around the top part of the seat.

The chair by the way can be used also without the neck cushion as it’s filled with a considerable amount of foam and we found it to be comfortable as well.
The Elbrus 3 gaming chair is covered in PU leather that looks pretty resistant and in one daily use still looks new like it came out of the box. The PU leather makes the keyboard perfect for every gaming room but also for offices and work spaces.
The wheels measure 60mm and the’re pretty nice with a soft rubber covering on the outside rather than a glossy one.


The Elbrus 3 gaming chair can be adjusted to the user liking in pretty much every situation; all the adjustability options are completely tool free and easy to operate. The user can adjust the seat height, the backrest can be tilted from 90° to 160° and the armrests move up, down, forward and backwards, and turn sideways. Changes in height can be operated through a button located under both the armrests. Other settings can be operated simply by sliding or twisting the top pads. The armrests are 25.5 cm deep and 9 cm wide, they’re not extremely big but that’s not an issue thanks to all the adjustability options available. The only issue we have to point at here is the fact that you may move them accidentally sometimes as the sliding step mechanism seems to be a little bit loose and too easy to operate.

The chair comes also with an automatic tilting mechanism with up to a 18° angle, and its tension can be adjusted via a big knob under the seat’s base.


The Elbrus 3 Gaming chair comes with two nice cushions made out of soft leather like fabric and a foam that looks more latex than memory foam. The cushions are fixed on the chair with elastic straps. The lumbar one was quite comfortable and the best one we tried so far. The neck one as said before has to be applied on the top of the back and not through the side holes if the user is too tall.

In the box other than the M8 and M8 Wrench there are also a pair of cotton gloves. We found that little detail as well with the nicely assembled and protected package a nice plus for the product.


Sharkoon Elbrus 3 gaming chair is on the market at the moment for about 300€ at the moment and lower also if you find a good deal.

Compared to similar product on the same price point the Elbrus 3 is well constructed and stable with the aluminum bottom frame, all its nice features, the quality materials and the well known racing look.
We used the chair daily for one month and everything is as it come out the box the first day. The adjustabily options are very useful and they’re perfect for every moment during my daily working routine, even after work when you just want to sit back and relax maybe for a show.

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